Iznájar, the most southern village in the province of Córdoba (110km from the Córdoba city), is located in the Subbética mountains, bordering the provinces of Málaga and Granada.

The old part of Iznájar.

A large part of the village was sumerged as a result of the construction of the reservoir at the end of the 60s. The reservoir transformed the village which now sits on a promontory like an isolated island surrounded by water and olive groves, linked to land via bridges.

   The reservoir lies on the river Genil and is situated right in the centre of Andalusia. It spreads over the boroughs of three different provinces: Córdoba, Málaga and Granada. It is the largest lake in Andalusia with a water capacity of over 900 million cubic meters and about 100km of shore line.
The reservoir of Iznájar, the largest in Andalusia.

   Half of the population (of around 5000 people) live in the village with the other half spread around numerous hamlets: El Adelantado, Alarconas y Antorchas, El Arroyo de Priego, El Arroyo del Cerezo, La Celada, Cierzos y Cabreras, Los Concejos, Corona, Algaida y Gata, Fuente del Conde, El Higueral, La Hoz, El Jaramillo, Los Juncares, Montes Claros, Los Pechos, Solerche, Valenzuela, y Llanadas y los Ventorros de Balerma.

Its one has its own traditions and history, enriching Iznájar’s cultural heritage.


Text: EXCMO.Ayuntamiento & Tourism Association of Iznájar.